Qaid-e-Azam’s House Burns, Soldiers Are Martyred And The Earth Quakes

At a time where we see nothing but misery, death, bloodshed and poverty blackening the pure land of Pakistan, it is a wonder what the cause of such heavy grief is. Have we been abandoned by Almighty Allah? One verse from the Noble Qur’an explains clearly,

“And whatever misfortune befalls you (comes upon you) as a result of that (evil work) which your own hands have done whilst He forgives most of your (misdoings).

We ourselves are the cause of the calamity that befalls us; we must be grateful that due to the blessings of the final Prophet, Muhammad (saw), our nation has not been completely eradicated from the face of the Earth! Our actions are no less than that of the Bani Israeel – we see disaster all around us and yet we do nothing to prevent it and to change our situation. Anyone who dares to raise his voice against the injustice, instead of supporting such courage, we turn against him and begin to throw wild accusations without actually understanding and comprehending the message.


In so many ways, we have become a helpless and hopeless nation. Desensitised to pain, we have ignored the burning of Quaid-e-Azam’s house and up until today, have not properly demanded, as a nation, for the Government to rebuild the house in Ziarat which was attacked and destroyed by the Baloch Liberation Army (a terrorist organisation that claims to be fighting for freedom but instead is causing civil disturbance amongst Balochistan). Hamid Mir, on Capital Talk, accused the Army of Pakistan for this attack and yet, even after BLA accepted responsibility, Mir has still not taken back his accusation and apologised to our Army. Why are we allowing the identity of our founding father, and the nobility of our soldiers to become vandalised by Terrorists and by the Media? What is the nation doing? The answer is simple. We are doing nothing. Perhaps physically we do not have the appropriate skills or equipment required to deal with anti-Pakistan bodies, but is raising our voice against such extreme injustice so painful for us? Three months have passed since the Ziarat residency where Quaid-e-Azam spent his last days was attacked and since then, no perpetrators have been prosecuted; Supreme Court has not taken a Sue -Moto on the BLA but has, miraculously, taken a Sue-Moto on ARY for exposing the attacks which struck a painful flame in clueless hearts. Chaudhary Nisar, the Interior Minister of Pakistan, promised to rebuild the Ziarat residency within 3 months:  in October, we will be approaching 4 months and the house is yet to be cleaned, let alone rebuilt! The nation must pressurise the government to fulfil its promise and to restore the damage to Pakistan’s pride and honour.


The first earthquake rocked Balochistan, Awaran, at a magnitude of 7.7, killing 328 people and leaving hundreds injured on 25thSeptember. Three days later, on 28th September, an earthquake measuring 6.8 in magnitude struck Awaran again, claiming more lives. It is estimated that over 140,000 people were affected from the second Earthquake, making the toll of the affected in Balochistan rise to 440,000 people. More than half the houses in Awaran, and a third of the houses in Turbat, have been completely destroyed. The misery for the people of Balochistan is far from over; the earthquake has not only claimed their lives, but their futures and their livelihood. The question arises, who is helping the people of Balochistan? Who is providing them relief? One would think that the self-proclaimed freedom-fighters, BLA, would be occupied in providing aid to its people day and night. Instead, they are nowhere to be seen. Not even the Government has offered any relief to the affected, failing to ask the European Union for humanitarian aid for the victims of the earthquake. It is only the soldiers of Pakistan who have been dispatched to save the people of Balochistan. It is not surprising then, that the people of Balochistan, as well as the rest of Pakistan, hold much love and reverence for the Army and the dedicated soldiers. The frequent occurrence of the earthquakes is indeed an evidence that we have invoked the wrath of Almighty Allah and we must seek His Mercy through repentance. The Army has been offering relief to the victims by providing them food items, grains, bottled water, medicine, shelter at Rangers Units which have been set up around Awaran under the supervision of the Army base in Karachi. On 28th September, 10 helicopters were employed to evacuate the injured and to provide them with medical assistance as soon as possible. So how do we respond to the rescue and relief efforts of the soldier’s working day and night? Our response is absolute silence to the BLA opening fire on the soldiers, who were helping the victims and providing aid, martyring several soldiers and wounding others. Rockets were fired upon helicopters carrying medication, doctors and victims. The funeral prayer was offered, on the night of 28th September, for four Frontier Corps who were martyred – what was their crime? For providing aid and relief to the victims of Balochistan?

We cannot offer any security or aid to our people and those who do so, pay with their lives and blood. We must wake up and realise that this is an internal war – Pakistan is being attacked from all angles. Peshawar has become a favourite of the terrorists whose thirst of the blood of Peshawar’s citizens never seems to be satiated. For how much longer will we continue to bear this misery? We are the ones to blame; we have oppressed our own minds by refusing to take any action to prevent injustice in our homeland. Then how can we expect that Almighty Allah will offer His Help when we make no move to change our condition? Let us vow to do whatever it takes to raise our voice against any injustice so that, we become a powerful nation; a force to be reckoned with.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz rightly states:

Bol ke lab azaad hain tere
Bol zubaan ab tak teri hai

Speak your lips are yet free
Speak whilst your tongue is yet yours

by Mariya Qadri
Team Operation Pakistan


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