By-Elections or Deja Vu of 11th May?

The By-Election fever has gripped everyone once again. Amidst all this euphoria, the whole nation it seems, has forgotten the how it was fooled by the seemingly free and honest Election Commission and Returning Officers just 4 months ago in May.

Will someone please explain to me how can we expect any good from this system, if the same old corrupt politicians are sitting in the parliament and more of them are going to come back through these by-elections. The Returning Officers, with the implied approval of ECP, made a mockery out of articles 62 and 63. Not a single candidate was assessed on the basis of tax he paid or loans he got written off.

ECP promised us free and fair elections but after the results were announced we saw that every party was out on the roads protesting against rigging. What guarantee do we have that the ECP that failed to conduct free and fair elections in May, will not fail again? On 11 May, ECP admitted that it has failed in constituencies, which are complaining about rigging. Doesn’t that mean that the general elections were null and void?


If this is the way elections are going to be held, then what is the value of our Vote? Even if we had a choice of voting some one who is untested and clean, our vote would be of no use because there is no level playing field for the new candidates. At one end you have these big fish, who are spending the money they looted in corruption, to buy entire constituencies, at the other end you have bunch of honest people who are realizing that they made a mistake by deciding to contest in these heavily rigged elections.


What our nation has failed to realize is that, this Corrupt Electoral System, is the root of all evils for Pakistan. Egypt had an individual named Husni Mubarak, Libya had Gaddafi .The people rose against them and drove them away, but the situation in Pakistan is different. Yes we do have individuals, who have all the power, but driving them away is not the solution, because there are more corrupt people waiting in line .We have to cut the womb of corruption i-e This Corrupt Electoral System.

It is this system, which allows the Corrupt to come to the parliament and legitimize their actions. Look back at the last 65 years. In every election, a few good people made their way thru to the parliament, but they have always failed to deliver .Why? because, the majority of people in the parliament have been corrupt and pro status quo.

Therefore in my humble opinion, no positive change can come in Pakistan through this corrupt electoral system. You can vote for whomever you want, but the same corrupt people will be back in power. If the nation really wants progress, if this nation really wants to move ahead and stand in the ranks of developed nations of his world, then we MUST do something to change this system.

by Danial Ahmad
Team Operation Pakistan


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