A Tribute to the Martyrs of 1965

Youm-e-Difa, 6th September known as ‘Defense Day’, is a day of celebration and reflection for all Pakistanis to honor the sacrifice of our valiant soldiers who were martyred in the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965.

Our courageous soldiers successfully defended Lahore, Sialkot and other important areas within Pakistan from the enemy and ensured WE THE NATION remained safe and protected.


Pakistan is indeed a great nation blessed with the utmost patriotic soldiers, who have given us their lives so that Pakistan flourishes.

How and where does one begin to say, ‘Thank you’?

Today we are miles apart
but I want to reach across the miles
and say I am thinking of you
in a very special way.

Salute and respect to our brave soldiers
Defense Day Mubarak

Long live Pakistan!

by Afsheen Shouket
Team Operation Pakistan


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